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Budapest's spring waters can be classified according to their territorial location, the amount of minerals dissolved in the water, the aquifer and the water temperature. In addition to the Pünkösdfürdő well, the Bründl spring, the group of Csillaghegy springs, the group of Rómaifürdő springs and the Óbuda Árpád spring also belong to the northern group of Budapest, whose waters are basic thermal waters based on their chemical composition. They are low in dissolved substances and gases, with a total dissolved mineral content of less than 1 g/l. Based on their temperature, they are classified as lukewarm karst waters.

The water supply of Pünkösdfürdői open air bath is provided by a 556 m deep well drilled in the north-west corner of the area. Water is gained from the dolomite of the Upper Triassic and from the lime sandstone of the Lower Eocene times.

According to its water composition it is lukewarm karst water with calcium-magnesium bicarbonate.